Lynn and her husband were nurses with changing work schedules.  So, finding time where both were available was tough.  As soon as Lynn told me of her availability, I cleared my personal schedule immediately for the family shoot at her home.  Lynn told me about her two precious little girls – 3 year old (Maya) and a 3 month old (Jasmine).   From my experience with my own 3 year old, I know how difficult toddler age can be.  They don’t like stranger.  I need connect to a 3 year old if I want any decent picture of her.  I personally don’t like to bride with candies.  So I brought sweet little Maya a bouquet of bright yellow flowers.

I came to Lynn’s home with my ottoman of fabrics for backdrops and a bright bouquet of flowers.  The little girl greeted with shyly but with curiosity.  “Hi…are you Maya?” I said with a smile. “These flowers are for you?” She grabbed the flowers and instantly loved me.  The rest of the shoot with Maya was wonderful.  She even hugged me and climbed on my back for piggy back rides.  Jasmine, the cute 3 month old, was actually my more difficult client.  Because she was a 3 month old, so she didn’t sleep as much.  Nevertheless, these are precious super adorable pictures!


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