Today was a very special day for the Saranut’s family – two baptisms and a wedding ceremony combined.

Huong and Andrew has one of the miracle love stories that touched my heart.  They met through a work trip in Alaska.  Huong was residing in California while Andrew was in Chicago.  Little did they know, they were meant to be together forever.  After a few years of having the distant relationship, they decided on joining their lives together in Chicago.  As their love for each other grew, their family also grew.  Today was a joined celebration for their son’s baptism and their marriage.

At the time of inquiry, Huong didn’t want to do a portrait session as she wanted the day to be dedicated for her son, and not necessary herself.  She was such a selfless bride!  However, I convinced her that we should.  Since it was also her wedding ceremony and it would be the one time that she would be in her white wedding dress, we definitely should do something – even if it is only half an hour at a local park.  So, that was exactly what we did!  We met at a local park right by church, just moment before the ceremony for a quick portrait session with Huong and Andrew.  Then the baptism ceremony started for baby Adam who was 4 months at the time.  He did not cried at all.  What a wonderful baby!  The wedding ceremony immediately followed and then the family greeted their guests at Zhivago Restaurant in Skokie.  It was an intimate celebration with very close friends and family.  This was my first time being exposed to Romanian way of celebration – endless food and lots of circle dancing.  It was so fun to capture such festivity.

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