Baby Thor was an early gift from God.  After shooting Mommy’s maternity at 30 weeks, I saw a facebook posting that baby Thor has arrived at 34 weeks.  Fortunately, both mommy and baby was healthy.  So, I anxiously waited while he was in the nurses’ tender loving care at the hospital.  As soon as mommy can bring him home, I got a message that I will soon meet him.  I was so excited as I waited for our meeting date – two whole weeks after his birth.

The date arrived and I came to the family’s home with camera, lighting, and some props for baby Thor.  He slept through most of the session and barely cried.  It was like working with a doll.  I loved it so much.  Mommy said the nurses took care of him very well and trained him with a rigid sleep, eat, and awake schedule.  As long as she followed that schedule, he stayed a very calm baby.  So, we worked around his feeding time.  We have him wrapped him while he fed and unwrapped him when he was ready to shoot.  We changed him into different outfits in between feedings and he fell asleep right away. He was such a good baby.  I posed him and he stayed asleep in such position. I can shoot a few more sessions with baby Thor!! Here are a few of my favorites!


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